Increase Your Architectural Sensitivity

My Lovely Room

😉 [ It is if: ] You were an architect, architecture student, artist, or even you’re not one of them, you still need to have a well organized space 4 living, right? So, maybe it is the most simple things we must have to do [Theorytically] and also philosophically or maybe basically:

1. Just use your eyes to capture every single detail of phisical and or non-phisical architectural related problem around you

2. Use the the knowledge of “whatever you know” about proper, accurate, puctual, neat, etc. to activating your thoughts through universal aesthetics value

3. Analyze with architectural factors or design principles such as: beauty wich should delight people and raise their spirits, venustatis – space satisfying, aesthetics the study of sensory or sensori-emotional values, sometimes called judgement of sentiment and taste, continuity, unity, balance, harmony, repetition, variety, emphasis, proportion, functionality, value, form, shapes, color, etc

4. Do something based on your analysis, simple examlpe: “put your unused clothes on the right place”

5. In your room or not in your room

6. Wherever u are

7. Every where

8. Every time

9. Every why 😉


2 thoughts on “Increase Your Architectural Sensitivity”

  1. mengalami ruang dan peka teradap sesuatu di sekitar kita….thats good step to increase our architectural “feelin…yeah thats right
    saya tertarik dengan: put your unused clothes on the right place”,,,dont u ever think that sometimes ur room or ur environment look a mess?? eventually rubbish n ciggarets everywhere..thats more sensitive i think…hahahha..just try to clean it up!!!

  2. Put “whatever” on its right place, were the most basic action to start someone “Architectural feeling”, becoz fundamentally everyone can be an Architect wihout any drawing skills, this is what i mean “just be an Architect in your own room” 😉

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