Differentiate or Die for Architect

If Jack Trout talking about diffrentiation in business marketing with his famous “Differentiate or Die” book, I’ll talking about Architecture diffrentiation. Because this life were also about diffrentiation, right?

So, if we begin with the what defenition of creativity, we’ll find that creativity are the main step to get into Architecture. Also about perception, people will get hundreds of messages per day, so bassically people were sets being diffrent naturally through their life. In Sociology, The differentiation process is a mean of increasing the complexity of a system. The more different we are – the more unique we are, so other people could be easy to determine who are we.

Architecture will not talking about marketing batles, but there are some correlation between. maybe for independent Architect working on 5 or 10 years experiences, in their portofolios, there must be some part of the design that too hard to change e.g “there are too much equity from their previous design! the building patterns, colour, and or space organization” So, its important to know that Architects should be able to diffrentiate their expert to improve their design, and do not just being an expert in following others design. Being different aren’t same to being stranger, being different for Architects were have a big positive goals through Architecture industry. But the problem is how to become creative without crossing other values? Its depends on your perspective.

There are some tips/advice to being diffrent in Architecture:

(1) Being first or number one on a creative Architecture design inventions!

(2) Owning a particular attribute or design quality in the client’s mind!

(3) demonstrating the Architecture improvements!

(4) focusing on a particular design!

(5) showing that your design is the preference of influential Architecture industry!

(6) focusing on a design unique!

(7) being the “new generation” of Architecture!

(8) being popular or “hot!

Most of people don’t know it, and they don’t care, ugh!


4 thoughts on “Differentiate or Die for Architect”

  1. koq jadi keren yach blog-nya he2x…
    cara promosi lain lagi buat ningkatin traffic ke blog, coba ikut milist2 yang (1) relevan dengan content blog (2) milist2 temen sma dan kuliah… terus aktif posting di milist tsb (tentang apa aja) dengan menyertakan signature email yang salah satunya link ke blog kita

    dicoba ya…!

  2. Gtw nih, jd semangat pas lihat blognya mas-trafficnya lumayan cepat,,,traffic-ku masih kecil,,,masih fokus mempercantik tampilan,,,trus isi komen di sana-di mari,,,sambil baca2 artikel web lain buat,,,memperkaya isi blog…

    Sip-sip,,,aktifitas kita di forum2 ternyata jg berpengaruh ke blog kita y…

    Thanks,,,btw masih bingung nih blog mau di fokus bahasa Inggris atau lokal aja y mas???

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