Why You Were an Architect?

Architecture represents a lifelong passion and a never-ending pursuit of advanced knowledge and new skills

– A quote fom AIA Website –

I “designed” and drew my first house at the age of 10. It was round. Kitchen, laundry, and dining rooms were on the left, bedrooms to the right. There were no bathrooms or closets, no entry! The pool was in the back, with the house wrapped around it.


Suzanne Green Stevens, MA, Assoc.

AIA Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical America Winnetka, IL

Like many other people, I believe it started with LEGO blocks. As soon as I got my first giant bucket, I took one look at the instructions and thought, “Boring!” So I threw them away and began to shape things the way that I thought, at the tender age of seven, was much cooler.

Ty Lee, Assoc. AIA, CDT, CSI-I



My grandparents’ farm included an old unused chicken coop. When I was nine, I wanted to turn the chicken coop into a clubhouse. Since then I have sought homes to renovate and enjoyed taking part in hands-on remodeling.

Kate McCollum, Assoc. AIA



My great-aunt amassed an amazing collection of LEGO blocks. I tried to figure out how to turn what I did with those blocks into a job. Twenty-five years later, I am designing whole buildings and thanking my great-aunt every day.

Timothy Rice, Assoc. AIA

Horty Elving and Associates Inc.

There’s never been a better time to be an architect. Today’s architects have solid earning power and an abundance of career options: private practice, corporations, institutions, government agencies, colleges and universities, and nonprofit organizations.

Many people with many diffrent reasons to become an Architects. But do you know there are some famous Architects in the ends of world war II aren’t study in University? Just call him Le Corbusier. He is a pure artist in the first generation of modern Architecture. Practicing Architecture as a part of arts. Today’s we define Architecture as  an art and science of designing buildings. There is an addition of science as a  formal subject to learn architecture. Because Architecture today’s were in a complex system of industry, so there are needs between Architecture educations and jobs.

The problem is how to become an Architect without loosing the sense of arts and creativity, because science will forcing the art elements trhough its economic value called efficiency. Yes, its the threat for Architect to be solved within being honest through the whole design aspects to reach the maximum arts value from the truth, beauty, or naturalism, etc without forgetting its function, context, sustainability, etc.

Is a future in architecture for you?


3 thoughts on “Why You Were an Architect?”

  1. pertanyaannya, is a future in architecture 4 u? cha…

    Yup, kite jalanin aje ya proses ini, walau proses ini tidak se-meriah proses di tempat lain, setidaknya kita masih bisa merasakan proses ini seadanya. Kita syukuri apa yang ada sambil tetap memperjuangkan tahapan-tahapan perbaikan internal, juga bahkan untuk semesta Arsitektur. Karena Arsitektur tidak diciptakan untuk kesia-siaan manusia, melainkan untuk mempercantik warna dunia, hingga kita bisa semakin mendekat kepada-Nya.

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