Becareful with Building Construction!


Concrete of Big Dig tunnel collapse kills one woman
July 11, 2006

At least 12 tons of concrete collapsed onto a car in a Big Dig tunnel, fatally crushing a passenger.

Railway tunnel collapses at Gerrards Cross
June 30, 2005

A 20-metre section of a partially completed railway tunnel at Gerrard Cross in Buckinghamshire collapsed last night.

Roof Collapses at Paris Airport
May 23, 2004

A 120-foot section of a new terminal at the Charles de Gaulle international airport here collapsed early Sunday, killing at least five people, injuring seven and burying an unknown number of others.

Four Construction Workers Died after Crane Collapse in Toledo, Ohio
February 16, 2004

Three iron workers were killed and five injured Monday afternoon in the collapse of a crane on a construction site outside of Toledo, Ohio.

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