Are u an Architecture Student Enough?

Prove to me that u were an Architecture Student, because I don’t believe with your work!

Sir, it was day and night I’m , but I can’t make sure with my capability,

skill, and Please belive me, I can prove it!

Please sir! Please! 

It’s Just like my friend who need money to continue his life!

I donn’t wanna be like this! No…

But I believe this isn’t me!

And,  uhm... some day, lets everybody know who really u are, right!

Because life is just simple, we who always make it hard…


2 thoughts on “Are u an Architecture Student Enough?”

  1. simple life.. simple think, mungkin temantemankita yangdaridesa bisajadicontoh, entahbenaratautidak, tapisayamenemukan banyaktemantemansaya yangdaridesa berhasildiatasratarata, mungkin itu karenamereka punya keduanya: simple in early life, have a simple think when they moving in to city,


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