Architectural Design Process

Well,I’ll try to write about it because there are a lot of traffic searching an “Architecture Design Process from Mr.Google” reported on my wordpress stats. I would’nt show the detail, because I can’t.Hehe:)Im too poor to write about this,  sorry.But, I’ll try.Within my bad english for you:)We know that thedisambiguationofArchitecturedefenition on internet made us confused to find the appropiate keywords,right?Its just about a literal problems. Electonics, computer softwares, macro plannings (design in planology), machines design, and others design related are also using thisArchitectureterms. So, we must to multiple our skill to find the correct and popular keywords for our spesific searching over the internet. If you were searching some images  on google about Architecture you will findthis page, so thanks again to Mr. Google … (lol they were working for us:) But, “ARCHITECTURE IS OUR DEFENITION, not them!” As a basic design process, this “Architecture Design Process” topic become important for Architecture student, and i just wait wikipedia create an article about it.