Aedas Design Philosophy

Aedas’ directors present their philosophy on good architectural design and how it’s an integral part of the practice’s ethos.


AIA Chicago’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Helmut Jahn, FAIA Lifetime Achievement Award from Black Spectacles on Vimeo.

German-American architect of Murphy/Jahn Architects has been announced as this year’s recipient of ’s AIA Lifetime Achievement Award. Following his arrival to the U.S. more than 40 years ago, the -based architect has been lauded by some of the industry’s best for continuously breaking new ground with his postmodern steel-and-glass structures. Some of his most notable works include the SONY Center in Berlin and the University of Chicago Campus.

The film above, shared with us by our friends at Black Spectacles, captures the essence of Helmut Jahn’s work through images, videos and peer interviews with Jeanne Gang, FAIA, John Ronan, AIA, Ron Krueck, AIA, Werner Sobek and Franz Schulze.

The news of this award was followed by Jahn’s announcement that he will be changing the name of his firm to “Jahn”. Browse through some of Jahn’s most recent works, here on ArchDaily.

Future Architectural Presentations

Just curius about how to create future architectural presentations, let’s check this CGI videos.

The video is entirely Computer graphics generated over hundreds of man hours and (probably) thousands of computing hours.  😀

The quality of video walk through environments and virtual reality is very high and is available for architectural presentation but these take hours or preparation but none of these put 3D image up in thin air in a real room – they create a room and world inside the computer and take the person’s eyes into the space via dual monitors hung before the eyes.

However,  real architectural holographic printing today also being developed. This printing can be applied on any interior or exterior design feature.

Holographic Architectural Imaging by Zebra from Core77 on Vimeo.

Infographic: Public Interest Design

is the next frontier of the sustainability movement. Taking a triple bottom line approach, it positions design to more tconsider economic, environmental, and social factors – creating better places, products, and systems for people to live their best lives. Inherently human-centered and participatory, seeks to improve the quality of life for all people, regardless of their socio-economic background.

To Share or Not to Share

Image: “Excerpt from Raul Renanda’s Book – 99 Untuk Arsitek

There are various types and forms of business organisation. And that there are diferrences in each kind because of diffrent factors wich must be thought about. There are three main types of business organization.

In pre-partnership, if your business is successful – you will be the reason, if it fails you would also probably the reason. Some of the disanvantages are very obvious, how many hours you want to work each day a week, what happen to the business if you want take a vacation, you will have a problem if you cannot suplly all off your customer’s needs, what problem may result if you are not a good record keeper, if your business fails and you’re a suppliers, then you will personally resposible to them.

Because of some of that disanvantages, some people prefer to form a partnership. There are various kind of partnerships. Then what is general partnership? Continue reading To Share or Not to Share