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Architecture Monday

Lynx Thoughts

“Designed by a team of architects for overflow space for cottagers in the Muskokas” I read. The Muskoka region? Cottage country from back home? Turns out, yes. The one and the same. Now available for everywhere!

Cute, airy, I like it. The Bunkie.

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Buildings are Artificial Constructions

Buildings are artificial constructions. They consist of single parts which must be joined together.  To a large degree, the quality of the finished object is determined by the quality of the joins…

Details express what the basic idea of the design requires at the relevant point in the object: belonging or separation. tension or lightness, friction, solidity, fragility…

Details, when they are successful, are not mere decoration.  They do not distract or entertain.  They lead to an understanding of the whole of which they are an inherent part…

– Peter Zumthor