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TSM – Stage of NPD :

  • Idea Generation – Idea Screening
  • Concept Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Market Testing 
  • Technical Implementation 
  • Commercialization – Value Analysis 
  • Forecast of unit volumes, revenue, and profit

Siteplan ProgrammingSiteplan Programming

2Development Stage6Land Excavation, Stripping, and Grading Concept 7Technical Implementation – Work Area 10Public Facilities


2-WireBVCommercial Facilities



Infographic: Public Interest Design

is the next frontier of the sustainability movement. Taking a triple bottom line approach, it positions design to more tconsider economic, environmental, and social factors – creating better places, products, and systems for people to live their best lives. Inherently human-centered and participatory, seeks to improve the quality of life for all people, regardless of their socio-economic background.