Future Architectural Presentations

Just curius about how to create future architectural presentations, let’s check this CGI videos.

The video is entirely Computer graphics generated over hundreds of man hours and (probably) thousands of computing hours.  😀

The quality of video walk through environments and virtual reality is very high and is available for architectural presentation but these take hours or preparation but none of these put 3D image up in thin air in a real room – they create a room and world inside the computer and take the person’s eyes into the space via dual monitors hung before the eyes.

However,  real architectural holographic printing today also being developed. This printing can be applied on any interior or exterior design feature.

Holographic Architectural Imaging by Zebra from Core77 on Vimeo.


What’s Your Architecture IQ

Doug Patt @Youtube
Doug has worked as a registered architect in the building industry specializing in high-end residential architecture. He’s also been published in a variety of professional journals and magazines. He just finished a book called ‘How to Architect’ that will be published in 2012 with MIT Press.