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Dubai – The Fastest Growing City

Geographically this region were a part of emirates under the constitution of UAE (United Arab Emirates). In 2008 counted 2,262,000 population lived in this 3.885 km² area, with 42.3% Indian, 17% Emirati, 13.3% Pakistani, 7.5% Bangladeshi, 9.1% Arab, 10.8% Western Nationality. The Ruler of Dubai is Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Something I wanna tell you is how explosive Dubai construction it is? As You know, there are many luxurius construction project here. From the Burj al Arab Tower to the Hydropolis Underwater Hotel, from those “Rotating Tower” to the Palm Jumeirah, The World Islands, and other many more luxurious Dubai property project.

Do you know how could Dubai reached a Construction Boom like this? Maybe this is one of the answer: “Dubai Government decide to change the economy development orientation from trade and oil oriented to the service and tourism oriented, and now the property market here were growing fast on a large scale project following its economy value”. Hmmm. Many of luxurious project here.

This is one of the those mega project, Palm Jumeirah – Dubai. Started on 2005 and will be finished on 2009. Trump also investing a hotel here, located in the main gate of the site. The world’s others greatest hotels, restaurants and entertainments are also attracted by the Palm Jumeirah concept. Apartments, villas, and offices are also built in here.